What is the hall console table and its origin?

What is the hall console table and its origin?

Hall console table, in this the word ‘console’ is derived from the Latin word ‘consolidare’ where a console is a French form, it’s the architectural term given to a corbel that was placed at the end in which the height is greater than the projection. When this table is placed in the hall, it can be termed as a hall console table, this name varies as per the use of the console table depending upon the place.

Well, it is believed that the origin of this piece of furniture is with the combination of both Italian and French furniture design. Large console table has in aristocratic mansions and the palaces in the late 17th century and throughout the 18th century. And later has undergone many mutations of form.

A hall console table is wide, rough, fairly shallow and as tall as a regular table. A console table is often placed against the wall – but sometimes it is called as a sofa table when it is placed against the back of a sofa. But in such cases, the height of a sofa table should be no taller than the sofa’s back, including the width not to be greater than 6 inches at either end of the sofa. Originally, the hall console table had a half-moon shaped top on two legs and they were attached to the walls using S brackets called consoles. This is the clue to the derived name for this table.

In those days, these hall console table had theatrical designs with intricately carved details and very delicate gilding. The brackets used in the console table originally allowed the table to look as if they were freestanding pieces. Even today there are few such designs. However, the modern console tables no longer rely on brackets and are able to completely support themselves.

Although the designs can range anywhere with the height from 28 inches to 32 inches, the average height of the hall console table could be around 30 inches. Moreover, these hall console tables are much unique with its creative style and material and are often stand-alone in an entryway, home-office or hallway.

Advantages of a Hall console table

When console tables were introduced, they are mainly noted as a decorative piece of furniture. They are not even identified with any functionality linked to their designs. But gradually, they became more and more practical while preserving their decorative characteristics. Hall console table is something that most people don’t consider when thinking about furnishing their home. Mostly, people think that they are not that necessary or don’t find much use of it at home, but the below point can change your view upon that:

Availability of More space: Small and noticeable, hall console table were made to be designed in a slim way so they would sit perfectly against the hallway staircase or wall. It provides both a surface and a drawer to place your stuff by taking up a very little room, most probably it acts as a lifesaver for those who lack space at their home.

Get rid of misplacing the key, phone, wallet, or mail: Mostly, it does happen that due to tension or emergency sometimes, we might misplace our key, phone, wallet etc. It is proven that when a person is very conscious about their thing they will surely misplace them having a thought that they have kept it in the proper designated spot, but they haven’t. Here, comes the importance of a hall console table which is a perfect spot to have all the important things since it’s been placed right by the door – it is the first spot when you get in and the last spot when you move out.

But, even here you have to be clear that you just don’t leave the top of the hall console table to be clumsy. As in this case, you can find the stuff like keys and wallets but, could miss the important papers or mails.

Making the best fabulous first impression: As the console table is with the plenty of space within and the table itself has got its luxury look, the simple decor of placing a flower vase on the top of it can enhance its appearance and gives a better first impression to your guest.

Variety of Console table

Hall Console tables are available in a variety of materials, but the majority of them are made up of wood, where sometimes the top is replaced by the transparent glass instead of wood. In the market they are available in different shape, size and colours depending upon the need of the room.

Sometimes, these console tables are available with the basket or drawers, for storage purpose.

They are selected by the people depending upon their needs, as in small houses it can be generally seen at the places where there is no proper dressing area, even sometimes can be placed in the lobby or hallway depending upon the need of storage. These tables can be placed in any room whether it is a guest, master, dining or even bathroom.


As this table are available in different colour and style, it is very important to make sure that the selected one must move along with the rest of the furniture of the room. It can be formed into a complete pack by adding a mirror on the top of it and making the availability of the drawer for storage purpose. Now-a-days people prefer a good design that should not only be innovative but multipurpose too.

Re-entry of Antique hall Console Table

As discussed above the antique hall console table came mostly from French architecture in the around 17th century. As already discussed above, in those days as per French architecture, these tables are also known as a half-moon console table, depending upon their shape like a semi-circle and are affixed to the wall by an S-shaped bracket and usually, a mirror is fixed above them to have the people go ahead with their make-up. Usually, these tables had no use apart from this as these are mainly constructed for the decorative purpose with minuet carving, even the legs were not built that strong to withstand heavyweight. Even, these tables were too expensive to afford by normal people, usually, they are reserved for the nobles and rich people in France.

Slowly, as the time moved on the use of these console table has been reduced. But as every old item gets introduce itself to the next generation with a new fashion and catches the attention, the same way these console tables also reappeared in the 21st century and got back in demand.

Now, as a new arrival, it has added up some spice to the appearance with the fusion of classic and trendy look and is in the reach of every people despite their status. Even, now the quality has been improved a lot as is able to withstand heavy loads with longer durability compare to the 17th century.

Hope that the above article has given you an idea about the console table in general and made it clear that it is approachable by any range of people.