Tub Chair’s requirement in your environment

Tub Chair’s requirement in your environment

What is a tub chair and its Origin?

Whenever, we reach a place and feel the need to relax, literally our eyes get in search of the most reliable place to sit and relax. It’s the place where the tub chair gets into the role, it offers a comfortable sitting with good lumbar support and also gives a stylish bonus to any room in need of a contemporary addition.

There are many legends that describe the origin of this chair. However, one reappearing piece of information believed to date the chair back to the 18th century in France, during the period of King Louis XV.

Some say that the chair made it over to the US in the late 18th century and early 19th century where it was labelled as ‘Tub Chair.’ This can be assumed with its appearance as it is likely to be in the shape and design of a traditional roll-top bathtub. Well, the design of a tub chair makes it very comfortable to sit in with a curved back that cups your body. The chair’s arms are perfectly built in a way that can keep your arms in a comfortable position and make you feel as natural as if you are sinking into the seat. The basic concept of this tub chair is to provide you with the comfort of a great seating experience.

Use of a tub chair in Professional & Home environment

The quality and appearance of the tub chair differ from place to place. In most of the hotels and office reception, the leather tub chair is popular because of their modern and sleek look.

In a professional environment, the black tub chairs are visually striking and do complement the other contemporary furnishing.

Home interior has a very special place in the living room where it moves along with all other contemporary furnishings. Here, this can also be complemented with an eclectic decor.

As a tub chair can only hold one person comfortably, it provides the additional seating that’s been arranged in the sofa set (three sitter or 5 sitter). Now a day, it has become usual to buy a tub chair with the sofa set. Alternatively, you could furnish your living room with four individual tub chairs instead of a sofa set as it has become a common décor choice in most of the contemporary living rooms. But, this is very less desirable when it comes to cosy rooms. The main comfortability of a tub chair being a single sitter is that, it can be placed at almost any room and it occupies a little space.

An Alternative to a tub chair

A tub chair can be well-defined with its unique design and structure, but before its existence, there was an alternative seating option that was introduced in the ancient period the ‘traditional armchair.’ Actually, this armchair is designed to relax whenever feeling tired of being standing up for a long time. This was considered to be very bulkier because of its additional padding design. Thus, it can be concluded that the tub chairs are the ideal type of armchair for any home because of its tightly upholstered padding and compact design, that allows them to move along with any place without consuming too much space. To experience the difference, it’s better to give it a try.

Rooms where a tub chair suits the best

Tub chair can suit almost all the rooms, whether could be a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or a family room. It gets correlates with the place very well.

Living Room:

Almost a tub chair is found in every living room. As living rooms are often used as the gathering place of the home, additional chairs are always in demands. Tub chairs can be too versatile in a living room; they can either work alongside your sofa by being filling in the same fabric or be a stand-alone piece and create a stylish feature to the room. Whatever, be the case the living room will look stunning with a dash of colour, and you can be pretty sure that your guest will certainly make a note of this exceptional style.

Home office:

A tub chair can spice up the feeling of an out-dated office. Apart from providing seating for the people, a tub chair brings on some personality to space.


Having a tub chair in the bedroom is not that much suggested as the bed itself is a wide space to get relaxed on. But, to enhance the appearance of the bedroom, the tub chair is used as an alternative sitting near to the bedside. Sometimes, it can be placed near the window to have a relaxing reading spot.


Placement of a tub chair in the bathroom is much ideal in front of a vanity. They can provide you with a place to sit where you can fix your hair or place your towel.

Family room:

Family room can often be considered as an activity room, so casual tub chairs can add seating for the family get-togethers or parties. Even, in such events when the tub chair get dirty, can be cleaned easily.

From the above article, it is much clear that the presence of a tub chair improves your home’s tone, no matter where it was placed.  And is very essential in a home as well as in a professional place.