LED Coffee Table – All you need to know about it

LED Coffee Table – All you need to know about it
In 1927, the first person to investigate and theorise LED lighting was a Russian man named Oleg Vladimirovich and have first published the work highlighting the effects and the theory behind LED lighting. The first LED was used in a use case scenario. The use of the first LED was fibre optics in telecommunications. In earlier days, the coffee tables are used to be the simple furniture units that are decorated by the artwork and designs. Now a days, these coffee tables are much improved and enhanced with the new fancy trend. They were designed with the presence of LED lights apart from the artwork. Among all, onset light emitting diodes were the most-costlier one. It’s higher quality and cost has made it be used in professional environments and wasn’t actively available to the public. As the trend moves on with the latest technology, the creating and finding of cheaper ways to manufacture the electrical equipment and to produce in mass gave LED’s a very cheaper market price.

Different types of LED coffee table

As the love for new technology has raised a lot among today’s people. The most popular use cases of LED such as large RBG display sets and display lights are experimented with the furniture that are used in and around your house. Previously, being with the same trend of interior design and innovative ideas over the furniture is very usual, but now this world of fashionable furniture has marked its appearance with the combination of modern aesthetics with the LED technology. One of the first and innovative designs that can feature the LED technology is available at Vogue furniture. With an assortment of furniture such as dining table, coffee table and TV cabinets, the Vogue furniture integrates LED lighting into furniture to create sleek, modern and contemporary units.

The Material used for a coffee table

Materials that are considered for a coffee table are mostly constructed with glass, marble, painted metal, wood and brass, that are currently more fashionable one. If you move your coffee table more often, then it’s good to go for a light-weight table. An interactive LED coffee table is made out of MDF for the box, pine for the legs, glass top and with an inner part that is consist of an Arduino board, LEDs, a Bluetooth module bunch of wires and a proximity sensor. Let’s explore more in detail about the different type of LED coffee table. FORAM modern coffee table: Some LED coffee tables are featured with 3D effects this modern type of coffee table is suitable for all type of interior. These types of table will have an additional compartment which makes it very practical furniture that can undoubtedly meet your expectations. They are available with a remote control that will allow you to adapt the intensity and colour of the lights as per your needs. This LED lights can be turned on and off without moving the table. These tables are with a height of 45 cm that will suit all the places. These FORUM modern coffee table consumes the energy of only 14 W and is connected to the 230V network with a cable. Generic Luz coffee table: These types of coffee tables are designed with wood and are suitable for any living room. The glossy and lacquered finish of these coffee tables can be adapted to any interiors and will bring a touch of modern fashion to any living room. These tables are available with multicoloured LEDs, that can bring brightness to any interior. This type of design will also have a storage area where you can store your accessories. It comes with a remote control to have easy handling. VidaXL coffee table: This is one of the futuristic designs that have a unique and authentic wave shape. It is available in a two-piece this fiberglass table has a complete finish and its solid construction makes it very much durable. Its luxurious design and exotic look add a touch of contemporary style to any interior. It has a LED light strip that gives an amazing effect when it’s dark. Being designed in plastic and synthetic leather, this futuristic coffee table can be used as a convenient surface to store your drinks and other necessary items. You can clean these tables with a damp cloth. Mostly these types of LED coffee tables are available in the online shopping zone. These types of table are quite popular and add a luxurious feel to your room. Instead of getting them from the market buying it online can get you a great discount with a free shipping option at your door step. Thus, it’s better to go and experience an online shopping comfort. Hope this article would have shred some insight into the usage of LED in furniture such as coffee table etc.