Importance of a Coffee Table

Importance of a Coffee Table

Everything about a Coffee Table

Let’s begin the historical journey of a coffee table. The first table specifically designed and called a coffee table appeared in Europe during the late Victorian era. It is believed that E. W. Godwin designed the first coffee table in the year 1868 and later was made in large quantity by William Watt, and Collinson and Lock. It is the sub-category of a table. In the beginning, these tables are built with a height of about twenty-seven inches. Later these Coffee tables were designed as a lower sized-table, this idea was applied by the Ottoman Empire as they have used these coffee tables in the tea garden. Throughout the 1870s and 1880s, the use of lower sized coffee table was much common and popular in Japan. From the late 19th century onwards, many coffee tables were made regular in earlier styles due to its popularity. In 1938, Joseph Aronson defined a coffee table as a low wide table that is used with a sofa or couch. Basically, it was designed to be placed in front of a sofa or upholstered chairs to support beverages, books, magazines and other small items while sitting around it. Sometimes, they can also be used as a dining table during a party, etc. Usually, a coffee table can be mostly found in the living room or sitting room. These coffee tables are available in different varieties and prices as per their style and design. The recent models of coffee tables are incorporated with cabinets or drawers for storage purpose. The wooden coffee table is the most common one that was built in the early days. But, today they are available in a wide variety including metal, glass and leather as per the cost. For the metal coffee table, the stainless steel and aluminium material is used.

Regular Size of a Coffee Table

When you are planning to buy a coffee table, it is must that should be aware of the measurement. Even you have to decide the placement of your coffee table as to whether you are going to place it with the sofa or will be used as a side table. By mistake, if you opt for a coffee table with a larger size, your room might feel off due to it’s out of the proportionate feature. The perfect height of a coffee table is of the same height as of the cushion on a sofa, to be more precise can be about 1-2 inches lower. When it’s about its length, it should be of approximately two-thirds of the length of the sofa. And when it’s about the placement, the coffee table should be placed with the gap of 12-18 inches.

Different Types of Coffee Table

Coffee tables are available in different shapes such as square, round and rectangular. And these regular shapes differ in colour, material and price. Let’s explore more about different types of coffee tables, White Coffee Table: The most popular and appreciated model among the other coffee table is the white coffee table. It just adds a crisp, bright colour to your living space or den. From coastal-inspired homes to contemporary abodes, these coffee tables will lighten up any place and provide you with a focal point for the rest of your furniture. These white coffee tables are available with shelves and drawers for storage purpose. These shelves are on the bottom that can hide your magazines and remotes thus reduces clutter. Oak Coffee Table: Oak is a wood that is well known for its hardness and strength. It is very popular in the long run. Oak’s light colour makes it a favourite wood for furniture as it gives a room a simple, country feel. It proves worthwhile investments for any homeowners and is sure to add a cosy touch to your home. Walnut Coffee Table: Mostly, the walnut coffee table is liked by many for its appearance. Walnut coffee table contains wood table tops as well as slate, marble, leather/faux leather, metal, glass, and much more. While selecting the walnut coffee table, it is best to have a look at the contemporary furniture as it does not move with all due to its idealistic look. These tables are also available with shelves that can be utilised to keep your small thing such as remote, keys, papers thus avoid clutter. Black Gloss Coffee Table:  It is one among a unique furniture, décor, and houseware option. In recent days these black gloss coffee tables have grabbed everybody attention because of their style and astonishing look. Led Coffee Table: These are the regular coffee tables that are enhanced with the use of the LED effect. These Led coffee tables give a uniqueness to the coffee table and also enhances the home décor. These led coffee tables are available in a wide range with different shapes, size and style. In the above article, only a few types of coffee tables have explained that are mostly preferred by the people. Vogue furniture has a vast collection of coffee tables when you need to go with the selection option. It is providing the service being located at the heart of East London, Upton Park and Leyton. Apart from this, it is also providing online shopping comfort at your pace. Now, you can search for the desired piece of furniture and get them delivered at your doorstep with the assurance of guarantee and service.